Elliat Graney-Saucke

elliatPronouns: She/Her


Elliat Graney-Saucke is a media artist, event manager, cultural researcher, documentarian, network enthusiast, curator, heritage innovator and storyteller.

Since 2000, Elliat has been directing and producing media work in the US and abroad through Contrast Vision Productions. Beginning media production training at the Evergreen State College at age 14, she has produced a body of over twenty short films and one completed feature. Currently in production are two feature documentary films, Boys on the Inside and Art Heart: Children of Riot Grrrl and Beyond, as well as two short films, Queer Tiny and Militia Etheridge. She has produced films in the US, Germany, Denmark, England, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Italy and Canada, with films screenings in over thirteen countries. Elliat also currently teaches film with Reel Grrls, Coyote Central, Northwest Film Forum and Three Dollar Bill Cinema, as well as being on a steering committee for Seattle Documentary Association.

While based in Berlin, Germany from 2009-2015, Elliat gained a Masters Degree in World Heritage Studies as well as founding / directing / curating the transdisciplinary conference Innovate Heritage: Conversations between Arts and Heritage. With participants from forty five countries and organizational partners such as the German Commission for UNESCO, British Council, Brandenburg University of Technology and Oriental Heritage Without Borders, Innovate Heritage has since bloomed into a Berlin-Seattle based international research platform. Through her academic research and project management experience in the performing arts, she became an Evaluation & Documentation Research Consultant in 2014, with Professor Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, on a multi-media organizational report on the National Performance Network (NPN). Since returning to the Seattle, she worked as Production & Communications Manager for Pat Graney Company as well as joining the steering committees of professional development networksS.A.L.T. (Seattle Arts Leadership Team)Next Generation National Arts Network, and the Women’s Working Group.