Arlo Ballard

11001728_10153131115948678_115829789753966192_nPronouns: He/Him


I’ve worked as a freelance videographer for three years after graduating from Seattle Central Community College’s video communications program. My favorite part of this business is the opportunity I’m given to be a part of collaborative story telling. Whether I am configuring a camera to make a shot look the way it should or I am assisting others in another capacity to make their vision come true, I enjoy being one part of a whole team of thinking, intentional creative professionals.

Whether I am shooting or editing any type of project, I choose the work I take on carefully. If I don’t believe in a story, I won’t pretend that I can deliver you what you need to make your vision come true. Outside of narrative work though, I take on a multitude of different types of work like event coverage, broadcast shooting, production assistance (both office and location), music videos and documentary work.



One thought on “Arlo Ballard

  1. Omg! Arlo!!! I’m so proud of you. I miss you dearly and have no contact for you because I no longer have Facebook. It besuotufl to see you’ve followed your dream.

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