Stephen Anunson

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 8.28.52 AMPronouns: He/Him

Favorite Movie: The Edge of Heaven or The Future


Stephen Anunson is a musician, filmmaker and teacher living in Seattle, WA. In addition to working as the location manager for the PBS / American Masters documentary, John Muir in the New World, Stephen is the co-founder and producer of Bel Son Productions, an independent non-fiction production company dedicated to sharing important stories from around the world. He recently completed an artist residency at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities featuring his documentary film, Kenbe La ~ Hold On. Stephen worked in Educational Distribution for the local documentary, BIG JOY: the Adventures of James Broughton and was the Assistant Director for two local films in 2014 and 2015 (Lying Posture of a Lion directed by Andre Sanabria, Signs Everywhere directed by Julio Ramirez). Stephen has also worked as a fundraising consultant on a number of projects, overseeing everything from Kickstarter videos to crowdsourcing strategies. He was the Production Manager at TheFilmSchool from 2015-2016 where he made a number of marketing videos, developed a social media strategy and mentored students interested in producing and directing short films. He will be a mentor for Reel Queer Youth in 2016. He most recently completed writing, directing and editing his first feature narrative film, The Boy Who Lived Before. He is currently writing the pilot for a web series about queer love in Seattle. Stephen earned a B.A in Music and Anthropology with an emphasis in Film Studies (magna cum laude) from Lawrence University.


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