Catalina Rodriguez


Pronouns: She/Her

Favorite Movie: “Rear Window” by Hitchcock


Catalina Rodriguez is an award-winning cinematographer who brings together her many mediums of art to create poetic-driven, cinematic imagery to the screen. Her work consistently seeks to implement the beauty of this world while exploring human interaction and their relationships to the world around them. Influenced heavily by a cross-cultural upbringing, Catalina’s unique work is derived from personal experiences, adventures and memories of the multitude of countries and cultures she grew up in.

Beginning her career as a photographer in Kiev, Ukraine, Catalina worked as a freelance fashion and portrait photographer. She has been published in magazines for her photography in both Ukraine and the United States. Through the practice of meditation she began painting in 2015. She is a strong believer in meditation and completes all paintings in a meditative stage. She has found it allowed her to access a deeper level of her creative self and a more in-depth personal understanding of art. She has been featured in international art exhibitions in London, Ukraine, Spain, and Canada. Within the United States she has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Detroit and Seattle.

It is with this artistic background that Catalina brings together her many talents together to focus on film cinematography. Her passion for this work is evident as she continually breaks ground with her thought-provoking, paradoxical and experiential work. Her work has played in big film festivals including TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival, ChellaVision Magazine Film Festival, and the Canada Short Film Festival. Catalina hopes to influence others to follow their dreams and create positive change in the world. She is passionate about her work and wants people to feel and see the beauty and the sentimental moments of small and daily adventures.


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