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Seattle Queer Filmmakers began as a Facebook group in May 2015 as a place to network and share resources. The group currently has over 350 members and welcomes any Seattle or Washington resident who wants to join! Allies are also welcome, and should note that if they choose to have a profile on the site, their profile will be categorized as such. Prioritizing access for queer filmmakers is very important to us, and we want to be transparent with anyone looking to hire!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will someone contact me through my profile?

Your profile links users to your website. Please ensure all contact information is up-to-date on your own website. We don’t provide a messaging service here- just a way for people to find you.

What does Seattle Queer Filmmakers do, and how do I get involved?

We connect filmmakers and share resources. Join our Facebook group and submit your profile to our website. Opportunities and resources are shared in the Facebook group. Anyone can elect to lead a skillshare for the rest of the group! If you want to lead a free skillshare, you can create an event in the Facebook group and promote it yourself, or contact the administrators through the CONTACT page of this site for help planning and promoting.

How do I get a T-shirt?

Our t-shirts are screenprinted on an as-needed basis. We request $20 per shirt, cash only. Pickup is on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Use the CONTACT page of this site to tell us your size, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready.